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We provide tax preparation services for individuals and small businesses, including self-employed, LLC’s, and S-corporations.
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Business Advisory Services

Let us help you navigate important financial strategies for the right solution as your business grows.

Electronic Filing (E-File)

As an authorized IRS E-File provider we provide a secure and fast delivery of your return to the IRS.

ITIN (Individual taxpayer identification number)

We can assist you with obtaining your ITIN number, which is required for tax preparation.

IRS Representation in Audit Cases

As a licensed CPA firm, we can represent your concerns before the IRS. Our knowledge of taxes will ensure you are fairly represented before the IRS.

Bookkeeping Services

Monthly, quarterly, and yearly bookkeeping for small and medium sized businesses. Ask about our different accounting packages.

Tax Preparation Services

For individuals and small businesses. Including self-employed, LLC’s, and S-corporations.

Monica and her team are passionate about getting the most for you. They also take the time to actually EXPLAIN what is going on and how the laws work. Great company and great people!

- Tory K.

Excellent - professional - knowledgeable. She genuinely cares about her clients.

- Susan C.


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